Journal History

SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL OF NURSING RESARCH (SJNR) is an electronic journal published by the Department of Nursing in Poltekkes Kemenkes Pontianak which has ISSN: 2655-0024 (Print) and ISSN: 2655-6731 (Online). Articles submitted to this journal will be reviewed by a team of editors and peer-reviewer teams. Check plagiarism using plagiarism checker or other. Articles received will be available online. Those in need can download articles on this website. This journal contains scientific articles on maternal and child health. Scientific Journal of Nursing Resarch (SJNR) was first published in January 2019. This journal stop publish from 2019 until 2022, and start active again in 2023. This journal is published twice a year, as in April and October. Authors must comply with the Nursing Journal writing guidelines for submitting articles. Every writer must register before submitting articles. And, for those who already have an account in the Journal of Nursing, they can log in immediately.