The Relationship Of Family Social Support On The Dietary Compliance Of Hypertension Patients In The Public Health Center 2 North Singkawang Year 2017

Betty Hutapea, Winnelia FSR, Halina Rahayu


Background: WHO data in 2015 shows that around one billion people in the world or 26.4% of the earth's population suffer from hypertension with a ratio of 26.6% of men and 26.1% of women. This number is likely to increase to 29.2% in 2025. Of the one billion people with hypertension, 350 million are in developed countries and the remaining 650 million are in developing countries, including Indonesia. Aims: The aim of this study was to determine the relationship of family social support with dietary compliance of hypertensive patients in Public Health Center 2, North Singkawang in 2017.  Methods: This study used an analytical observation method with aapproach cross sectional. The place of research is Singkawang Utara Health Center 2, with a total sample of 75 people. The sampling technique uses accidental sampling,  which is to take samples that happened to come to visit the Public Health Center 2, North Singkawang when conducting research. Results: A total of 55 respondents or 73.33% had good family social support while 20 respondents or 26.67% had less family social support. A total of 56 respondents or 74.67% had dietary compliance, 19 respondents or 25.33% had dietary disobedience.  Conclusion: there is a correlation between family social support and dietary compliance of hypertensive patients in the North Singkawang Public Health Center 2 in 2017 with a p value = 0.001.


Family Social Support; Diet Compliance


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